Keeping Your Sanity While on the Corporate Payroll

October 24, 2011

There’s a myth that there’s a way to find a perfect work/life balance. However, in the real world things are never perfectly balanced, and at this point most of us aren’t even trying to make that happen. We’re doing our best to keep things running at home, at work and everywhere in between. In my last corporate position I managed to get my work done in my day job and do work for my clients. It wasn’t easy, but I was able to keep things going because I believed in my business dream.

If you’re finding yourself running in circles trying to keep it all going, you’re not alone. There’s more expected at work these days, and more effort required to build your business during these economic times. Don’t give up – though at times you might feel like running away! Here are some tips on how to get it all done.

1. Give yourself a break. There’s only so much that you can do alone. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do it all perfectly.

2. Create realistic goals for your business. Once you are managing your business full time you can set bigger goals. If you can delegate some tasks now, don’t be afraid to let go. It will give you more time to focus on the important things.

3. Don’t forget to set aside time for your family and for a social life. Most of us want to have our own businesses so that we’ll have more freedom to live our lives (and enjoy our friends and family). By focusing on work 24/7, we’re defeating the entire purpose of going out on our own.

4.  Take time for yourself and get proper rest. If you’re run down you won’t have any energy to get things done. Not to mention that if you don’t have good health, it’s going to be very hard to run a business.

5. Don’t let office politics get in the way of what you are doing. Though you are in a day job, keep in mind that you have a business to run as well. Do your job and manage your career, but don’t get caught in the day-to-day drama.

You have additional responsibilities and pressures when you have a day job and a business. Even if you think of yourself as being someone who can handle it all, you also need time for rest, relaxation and fun. Building your own business can be extremely rewarding, but not if you burn yourself out in the process.

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Deborah A Bailey

Deborah is a writer, writing workshop presenter and published author. She's host of the Women Entrepreneurs Radio podcast.

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