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Writing in First Person

Writing in the first person can be challenging. But it is a great way to get your reader connected with your main character right away.
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Creating Intimate Scenes without Going All the Way

What's your favorite heat level for your books? Steamy or super-hot? Or maybe you'd rather leave the details behind closed doors. There's nothing wrong with showing everything or keeping it all under wraps. But you can still stir the reader's emotions while leaving some things under the covers.

Use the Heroine's Journey to Plot Your Novel

The heroine’s journey is not so much about taking a quest to slay the dragon, as it is a journey within to face her deepest fears.

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"I truly learned a lot from this class. You bring up great questions to help probe and go deeper into our characters and their backstory and reasons they are the people they are today. Thanks for a superb class!"
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"Thank you for such an excellent class. I was unfamiliar with this category and know I feel I'm well-versed!"
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"Thank you so much! I was able to directly implement the suggestions and lessons in my book, and my final edit is pretty much done. Now it's just copy edit stuff. Be well!"
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