3 Ways to Boost Your Job Search

January 27, 2014

ebook3If your job search has hit a wall, don’t give up. Frustration can stop you in your tracks, but there are ways to boost your search. Submitting your resume to job boards will probably not yield the results you want if that’s all you’re doing.

Spend More Time Networking

When you network you can find out about jobs before they are posted. Most jobs never end up on job boards because they’re known to people in the inside, first. You’ll increase your chances of success if you have a strong network.

Grow your network by attending business and social networking events. And don’t forget non-business social events, and your daily activities. If you volunteer, are a member of a book club, involved in an organization–you already have a network. Reach out to people and let them know you’re looking out for opportunities. You never know who knows who, and who might know about your ideal job.

Take advantage of social networking by making sure your profile is up to date. Connect and build relationships with like-minded people. As they get to know you (and you get to know them) you will increase the likelihood that you’ll find out about opportunities.

Do Your Research

Have you looked into the job requirements? Will you have to have specialized training or certifications? Do you already have the skills, or do you have to take classes? What is the salary range? Whether you are looking for a position within your current industry or looking at positions in a related field, do your research first.

More importantly, if you know what’s required for the job, you can play up those points on your resume.

When you’re on the interview, mention facts you’ve learned about the company. Show them that you’re up to date on trends and important developments in your industry.

Update Your Resume

Does your resume have the right keywords? Did you include details about your present (or last) position? Look at job ads for the position you want and note what is mentioned in the job requirements. Use those phrases and keywords in your resume to increase the possibility that your resume will be found in database searches.

Match your online profile to your resume so that everything is consistent. Lots of recruiters look online first, and you want all your skills and accomplishments to be easily found in those searches.

Want to know more quick tips to enhance your resume – or to update it? Check out my new book, Secrets of a Great Resume on Amazon.com.

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