Hit a Career Roadblock? Consider Online Courses to Move Forward

July 28, 2018

Guest Post by Amelia Connor

Some people reach a point where they can safely say that they have achieved everything they possibly could in their job. They have reached an impasse where there is no more room for growth.


Others, meanwhile, are aware that there are still opportunities, but for some reason aren’t moving past certain hurdles. In short, they have hit a roadblock that’s limiting them from achieving success.


In either scenario, continuing education with online courses can be the perfect ticket to help you progress further. Here’s why:


It gives you an advantage

As of 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate a 7.7% unemployment rate among 25-year-olds who did not graduate high school. This is a far cry from the 2.5% unemployment rate for those who finished college or higher. Federal data consistently shows that those with a bachelor’s or a post-graduate degree have more chances of landing a job. Those with a post-secondary education are deemed more ‘employable’ as they have received formal training in their chosen field.


Having a post-grad or a supplementary degree can also increase your chances of promotion or getting a better position in a different company. A Career Builder survey on recruitment shows that 1 out of 3 employers are more selective with their hiring process. Companies are looking for professionals with experience and multi-disciplinary expertise that can bring more to the table.


It sharpens your skills

A previous guest post here on this site explained that education is a skill in itself. There’s no shame in going back to school as an adult, especially if it means honing or expanding your skill set. You can get nursing degrees and other highly technical degrees through online courses. If you want to learn about graphic design so you can make pamphlets or flyers for your business, there are plenty of opportunities online, too. The choices that some schools offer are even more diverse than some of the traditional colleges out there.


Additionally, there are short-term programs or individual courses that you can take if you have very limited spare time. These are also a great option if you only want to learn specific skills that can vastly improve the way you perform in your current job.


It helps you network

Despite not being in the same room as your virtual classmates, social learning is still a priority in online schools. Maryville University nursing student Elizabeth Miller stated that collaboration is a huge part of the learning program. This allowed them to contribute ideas and gather invaluable insights more effectively. Another important facet of this particular format is networking. It can provide advice on how to progress in your career or help you find older members of your community who can provide you with assistance. If you’re considering a career change, it also helps to know the right people in the industry you’re interested in.


It is empowering

Being back in a learning environment can be a huge confidence booster for some people. The Huffington Post explains that being surrounded by other learners, even virtually, stimulates curiosity and interest in different subject areas. For instance, online learning requires one to become familiar with technology, which can already be empowering in itself. Continuing education through web-based courses also helps you stay relevant in your field. You can learn about current industry trends and where it’s headed in the near future. The knowledge will help you make informed decisions when at work.


There are many aspects in life and your career that online learning enriches. If you’re looking to transition or progress in your field, online courses are a great way to help you overcome a career roadblock.


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Deborah A Bailey

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  • Nathan Sharpe August 22, 2018 at 3:15 PM

    Brilliant post about arming yourself with new knowledge to move forward and find new opportunities. You’re never too old to start learning something new again. Thanks for the encouraging post!

    • Deborah A Bailey August 22, 2018 at 5:07 PM

      Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for your feedback!

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