Why You Can’t Improve Without Education

January 31, 2018

Guest post by Tiffany Rowe

As soon as a baby opens his or her eyes, they begin to learn, and never stop learning until they close their eyes for the final time. Human beings have reached such a prominent position in the animal kingdom thanks to our overwhelming ability to develop new skills and ideas and share them with others – in other words, thanks to education.


While you search high and low for ways to improve yourself to enhance your job prospects, in truth you need only consider the activity that brought humans out of the swamp. Personal development and growth requires learning – and I’ll prove it to you.


Learning as a Skill

Almost everyone can run. You can probably tie on some sneakers and go for a run right now. However, that doesn’t mean you have mastered the skill of running. It takes years of practice (and instruction) to become a true running athlete.


The same can be said of learning. Most of us learn every day: We pick up a fact or two from books, TV, podcasts, our friends, etc. However, few of us have maximized our ability to take in and utilize information; few of us have mastered the skill of learning.


Becoming proficient in learning is exceedingly valuable. First and foremost, being a learning wiz increases your ability to gain and enhance other skills. For example, through learning, you can increase your problem-solving skills, your decision-making skills, your intelligence, your empathy – not to mention hard skills like accounting, software programming, and others useful in entrepreneurship. Without skilled learning, few people can perceptively grow and improve.


Like any other ability, it takes time and practice to become a master of learning – but it also takes willingness and determination. Without a personal drive to learn, your improvements will be slow and laborious because you likely won’t be cultivating the right mindset and habits that make learning come easy. For you to get the most benefit from education, you must recognize that learning itself is a skill worth attaining.


Self-Confidence and Education

Several studies have found that education has a drastic impact on self-esteem – and vice versa. An insecure student who excels in her studies will likely thrive in her chosen career environment because she is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills she needs to perform her duties. Conversely, a student with unending self-confidence is more likely to tackle academic challenges and engage with instructors and peers, thereby heightening her learning opportunities.


Several studies have also found that courage and confidence are must-haves for entrepreneurs. If you are not naturally self-confident, you will likely gain the assuredness you need to succeed as a small business owner by engaging in education. You can double-down on your entrepreneurial skill-building by enrolling in an AACSB online MBA, which will build your confidence, your learning skills, and your familiarity with the responsibilities of business leaders.


Formal vs. Informal

Formal education is important; it has established structures that facilitate learning, especially as you are acquiring and practicing your learning skills. However, formal education is not your only opportunity to learn.


If you are well-skilled in learning, you should find opportunities for personal enrichment nearly everywhere you go. Every encounter with another person, every new experience offers new information and insights. The internet has radically altered the flow of knowledge; today, with a few mouse clicks, you can find all sorts of informal education opportunities in any field pertaining to your growing business – or not. As long as you stay in the habit of learning, your personal development will continue for the rest of your life.


Improve Yourself, Improve the World

It isn’t selfish to focus on improving yourself through education. The better you are at your job – the more knowledgeable, the more skilled – the better you can serve your community. By investing in the development of your own mind, you are more prepared to help others obtain the products and services they want and need.


Personal growth does not occur without some new insight, and insights occur more readily through interaction with those more knowledgeable and skilled – through education. Without education, prehistoric humans would hardly have ventured out of the caves. In the modern world, you cannot hope to succeed without learning.


About the Author: Tiffany is a leader in marketing authority, she assists Seek Visibility and our clients in contributing resourceful content throughout the web. Tiffany prides herself in her ability to create and provide high quality content that audiences find valuable. She also enjoys connecting with other bloggers and collaborating for exclusive content in various niches. With many years of experience, Tiffany has found herself more passionate than ever to continue developing content and relationship across multiple platforms and audiences.

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