Go Ahead…Break The Rules Of Grammar!

July 17, 2018
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by Julie Barnes

When I was going through my copywriting training, I couldn’t believe what I was learning. I should write marketing material in a conversational tone.


But…in my previous writing classes, I learned to follow strict grammar rules when writing prose. What’s a writer to do?


Writing in a conversational tone in your marketing copy will allow you to connect with your target market in your tone of voice. They will “hear” you speaking to them about your product or service.


This is where breaking the rules of grammar is ok…just as long as you don’t go overboard. Here are five rules for you to break.


1. Get personal

When writing to your target market, it’s ok to use “you,” “I,” and “we” as a way to connect with your readers and pull them in to the conversation.


2. Repeat

It’s ok to repeat the benefits and advantages of using your products or services. And to place your call to action throughout your copy several times.

3. Be friendly

Write in an informal tone by using contractions. This makes your tone sound more conversational. Like you’re talking to a friend. You want your target market to “feel” like a friend.

4. Short sentences

Nothing is harder to read than a huge paragraph with sentences that seem to go on forever and ever. Most readers will zone out, get bored, and move on…not even finishing your brilliant copy. So… write in short snappy sentences and keep the paragraphs short.

5. Use a cliché

This seems to be one of the harder rules to break for writer. Depending on your target market…some readers will understand your point better when you express it by using a cliché, then…writing your point out in a long, boring sentence.


So go ahead…break these five rules of grammar and your target market will start “hearing” you… while reading your copy.


Julie Barnes AKA Boss Lady is an entrepreneur, speaker and advocate. https://juliebarnes.us/


This post originally appeared on the Secrets of Success blog. 


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