The Ultimate Self-Care Resolutions to Integrate into Your Life

January 26, 2021
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We have a year full of endless possibilities. To ensure we take control of the possibilities at hand, it’s important to set ourselves up for success by creating resolutions for 2021. And while your personal goals should be unique to where you’re at now and where you’d like to be by next year, there are a few common new year’s resolutions you should keep in mind to help you stay afloat and prioritize your well-being.

Here are the ultimate self-care resolutions to integrate into 2021:


As the largest organ in your body, your skin tends to be very reactive when your body undergoes any changes— whether that be internal or external. From changes in environmental conditions to high levels of stress, your skin is susceptible to it all, which is why it’s important to focus one of your self-care resolutions on slaying your skin care.

This means establishing a daily skin care regimen for both morning and evening, using skin care products that serve to support your skin and its unique needs. Even if you’ve already created a consistent routine, take some time to evaluate its effectiveness. Have you reached desired results?

If not, it may be a good idea to revamp some of your current skin care products or add in a customized treatment. Targeting certain skin conditions like acne, for example, typically requires its own specialized treatment method such as an acne cream to adequately combat bumps or blemishes. So if you’re looking to treat a particular concern like acne, be sure to spend some time researching the most effective treatment products for your skin type.


With everything going on in the media this past year, there’s no denying how influential our social media platforms can be on our mental well-being. In fact, studies have found that people who spend more time on social media are more likely to develop depression later on. And now, between keeping up with the presidential election, ongoing COVID-19 updates, and staying connected to our peers throughout these unprecedented times, our mental health has become all the more at risk. That’s why apart from limiting the length of time you spend on social media, it’s also a good idea to detox it.

It’s challenging enough to remain positive and stress-free when you see all of the uncertainty through different new outlets. This, combined with following people who you don’t like, have had bad experiences with, or in general have a toxic online presence, makes it far too easy to become overwhelmed, anxiety-ridden, and judgemental.

By detoxing your social media of all the negative energy and unfollowing or unfriending those who no longer support your journey to self-love, you’re freeing yourself from experiencing these unwarranted emotions and replacing them with feelings of support, love, and connection.


Instead of wasting all your free-time scrolling through social media or doing another mindless activity, try signing up for an educational course on something you’ve been interested in learning more about. Despite the fact that there are still in-person restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak, there are still plenty of online courses you can choose from and participate in.

Believe it or not, there are online courses for everything these days including sewing classes, meditation classes, college courses and more. Figure out what available courses you can take online and sign up before it’s too late! Just be sure to sign up for a course that you’re actually willing to commit to and review the timeline of the course as far as days/times per week, coursework, and duration of commitment.

By signing yourself up, you’re forcing yourself to commit to learning something you may have otherwise neglected. Thus allowing you to truly execute self-care into your weekly schedule and become one step closer to the person you want to be.



Journaling is a simple, yet powerful self-care practice that offers many benefits. Specifically, it helps to reduce stress, promote feelings of happiness, and regulate your thoughts and emotions. It allows you to self-reflect and develop a deeper understanding of why you are the way that you are, and ultimately, strengthen the relationship you have with yourself. So, why don’t more of us devote more time to this practice?

Of the many reasons people choose not to journal, one of the most prominent is because they don’t know what to write. After you reach a certain age, writing “Dear Diary” can feel a little off-putting, especially if you’re solely reflecting on the boring day you had just for the sake of writing a journal entry.

Luckily, if you’re not sure what to write about or how to find meaning within the words you jot down, there are a variety of journal options on the market that come with their own self-care prompts for you to fill out. These are a great option for those of you who may just be getting started on your journey to self-care as they allow you to unravel how different areas of your life convey different meanings, and how these, in turn, affect who you are. So don’t delay, start journaling today!


Manifesting the life you want to live and the person you want to be starts with speaking aloud daily affirmations. As reported in an article on, “Affirmations are really simple, short and powerful expressions. When you say, think, even hear them, they become thoughts that create reality.” They are positive statements that are meant to help you challenge yourself, believe in yourself, and essentially achieve your dreams.

Affirmations don’t necessarily have to be expressions that you believe to be true. The expressions you say could be as far-fetched as you’d like. Saying things like “I attract money to me easily and effortlessly” or “I am confident in my ability to take on new challenges and overcome whatever life throws at me” may seem out of reach, but the more consistent you are in saying them aloud, the more likely you’ll be to not only believe in them, but also achieve them.

Never underestimate the power of positive self-talk. As the saying goes, “if you can believe, you can achieve,” so write down a few daily affirmations— no matter how tangible or intangible they may seem— and make an effort to read them aloud to yourself each and every day.


Finally, as you head into 2021, remember to give yourself a break when you need to. In other words, take ‘breathers,’ Much like every other year you experience, you’re bound to face some hardships throughout the course of 2021, and that’s okay. Life is not meant to be a walk in the park. On the contrary, it’s meant to be hard and challenging for all of us. But as humans, we’re designed to be able to do hard things. So, when you’re feeling low or lonely, remind yourself of this— we can do hard things. You can do hard things.

When things get tough, let them. Because while it’s important that you allow yourself time to take on tasks or hardships as they come, it’s also important that you allow yourself time to take a break and breathe. Next time you find yourself stressed or anxiety-ridden, stop what you are doing and breathe. Go for a walk, phone a friend, make yourself something to eat— whatever you feel like you need to do to feel relaxed and revived— do it. Nobody knows you better than yourself, so don’t be apologetic about taking the time you need to. That’s what self-care is all about.



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