Why it’s Hard to Trust Your Intuition

May 16, 2016
why it's hard to trust your intuition

Have you ever been in a situation where you made a decision that didn’t turn out well, then when you looked back you could see the warning signs?

We’ve all had those experiences. As we were having the experience, we couldn’t see the pitfalls. It wasn’t until afterwards that we could understand where we went off track.

The catch is that usually we have to experience discomfort in order to be pushed to a higher level of understanding.

As long as things are comfortable, we won’t do very much to change the situation. Why should we? It’s the discomfort that leads us to look for opportunities for change.

Though in some cases we may get stuck hoping that things will change without our efforts, it’s not very likely that will happen. Even if we don’t make a decision about which action to take, that in itself is a decision! By not deciding we are deciding to go along with things as they are.

Once we find ourselves in an uncomfortable place, it becomes extremely important for us to trust our own judgment. Often we can go in circles, asking anyone and everyone for their advice.

You know what happens then? We get so many different opinions that we become paralyzed and stay stuck.

There’s nothing wrong with having a mentor or other person who you can trust to give you good advice. However, in the end only we know what’s best for us. That’s where trusting our intuition becomes most important and the key to our success.

When we listen to ourselves we can maintain focus on our goals and our vision for what we want.

Trusting yourself can be a very tough if you’re not used to doing it. There will be times where you’re the only one who can see your vision. You won’t get support and you may even be ridiculed.

In those times it is so important to be able to see and feel what others can’t.

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Excerpted from Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life.




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