5 Netflix Shows to Watch When You Need a Break from Your Business – Part 2

February 4, 2019

televisionby Deborah A. Bailey


A while back I shared 5 Netflix docs to watch when want a break from your work.


Now I’m sharing some shows I recommend for those times you want to turn off your laptop and put work aside for a bit.


Troy – Fall of a City

Entertaining re-telling of the epic without being boring or predictable (because if you’re familiar with the Iliad or the Odyssey, you know how it ends).

Surprisingly modern with inclusive casting and new twists on the characters. Even better, the well-designed (and visually stunning) settings and costumes give the series a sometimes scruffy (and real) feeling that’s not like the usual, overblown Hollywood production.

If you like mythology, action and adventure, add this to your queue.


Tidying up with Marie Kondo

Thankfully I saw a few episodes before hearing about the “backlash” to her supposed advice about books. Her advice for clearing clutter and creating comfortable spaces seems well-intentioned and extremely positive. Judge for yourself.  If nothing else, her very sweet and relaxed vibe is a balm all by itself.


20 Feet from Stardom

Not a new movie, but a very inspiring one. I saw this years ago and was uplifted by the stories behind some very familiar voices. You might not know them by name, but you’ve probably heard the singers in songs, commercials and soundtracks. Watching this reminded me how so many of us are just trying to get ourselves out there, and what we’re willing to sacrifice on the way.


Maya Angelou – And Still I Rise

Even though I’ve read all of her biographies, I was still surprised by some revelations in this documentary (originally broadcast on PBS). A fascinating, creative woman who lived (arguably) an improbable life considering how it started out. Ms. Angelou showed how to be creative and entrepreneurial long before it was a thing.


FYRE – The Greatest Party that Never Happened

A cautionary tale about following people who appear to know what they’re doing just because they’re good at making people believe in, well, b.s. This is something all business people should watch, just so that you know what not to do. Having big, splashy ideas is fine. Not being able to execute – and throwing other people’s lives in to chaos – is not.

This is what can happen when you follow people who claim to be successful (or set themselves up as gurus) while behind the scenes, they’re just shady, though charming, liars.


About the Author: Deborah A. Bailey is an author, coach and host of the Women Entrepreneurs Radio podcast. 


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Tracy Thomas

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Deborah is a writer, writing workshop presenter and published author. She's host of the Women Entrepreneurs Radio podcast.

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