Three Types of Systems You Need in Your Online Business

April 17, 2019
The Balance Between Writing Fiction and Non-Fiction

by Brooke S. Jackson

I always get asked how exactly I get so much done in my business, and there’s really one secret: Systems. Yes, I’m serious — Systems!


Think about it. If you’re constantly re-inventing the wheel (not following a process or having any automation), then you’re losing valuable time to do even more business-building tasks.


According to Forbes, a market research firm IDC reported that companies lose 20-30% in revenue every year due to inefficiencies. Having a system set in place for every single recurring task in your business saves time, ultimately saving money, and ensures consistent quality output produced.


Systems make for a smoothly operating business (including the team)! But what systems and processes do you absolutely need? I’m going to reveal a few (but not all) types of systems you definitely need to get work on in your business ASAP.


1. Marketing

This one is VITAL – If you’re not properly marketing consistently then how are you going to get those clients or customers? Here are some sub-categories you should consider:


Social Media

For this one, think of all the channels you use for social media marketing, and have you or a team member write out processes for each one including: how the captions are made, how the pictures and graphics are made, and how to properly schedule the posts on your designated scheduler tool.


Blogging & Email Marketing

If this is a big part of your business, note this one and get it done ASAP. Creating blog posts will be SO much faster and more streamlined. For example: How would you write the outline for the post? What’s the process for self-editing and proofreading? Exactly how should the post be inputted and formatted on your website to have a consistent format? Same thing can be applied to email marketing.


Public Relations

I can’t give you specific examples for this one, because everyone’s public relation tasks look different – but to get those gears grinding: How would you systematize podcast guest pitching & outreach? How would you go about getting guest blogging spots?

2. Administrative & Tech Maintenance

These types of systems often get overlooked and never made but are so, so important! Why? Simply put: This takes up tons of time without you even thinking it does, especially if you’re the only one doing it in your business.

Don’t believe me? Check out this list of recurring tasks you should consider:

  • Maintaining your CRM or customer database
  • Financial Tasks
  • Cleaning Up & Organizing your Cloud Storage Tool
  • Back-Ups (Files, Website, LastPass)
  • Paying the Team & Invoicing
  • Any Ongoing Tech Tasks
  • Updating Your Calendar


3. Team-Related

Team-related systems are HUGE! Your team is one of the core foundations of your business – Without them, you wouldn’t be as far as you are now so making sure you get systems down for managing the team is super important.

  • Consider these recurring tasks for team leading & management:
  • Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Any Ongoing Team Tasks (Time-Tracking, Reporting, etc.)
  • Hiring & Vetting


There are other types of systems you should definitely get in place, but I’ll tap on those at some other point. This should be enough to get you started, and I really hope this gave you some insight and clarity on business systems!


About the Author

I’m an Online Business Manager (OBM) for female entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level. I genuinely help female online-business owners by taking over almost all of their current operations, business systems, team leading, planning & timelines, launches, and project management. I have a passion and love for animals, worldly cultures, and online business.

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This post originally appeared on the Secrets of Success blog.

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